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08-05-2003, 09:48 AM
Ohio Jones
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Name: Douglas
Age: 31
Married? Yes
Occupation: Communications and Government Relations... basically Spin Doctor and Political *****...
Jerseys Owned: Leafs Away (Blank), Team Canada Salt Lake 2002 Away Blank, Nords Home - our man Wendel...
Favourite Food: Anything dead, or even moving slowly enough to catch...
Favourite Band/Musician: almost anything, but I'm a big fan of 70's progressives - Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Emerson Lake & Palmer...
Favourite Leaf Moment: Dougie's playoff wrap-around vs. Detroit
Favourite Current Leaf: Roberts
Favourite All Time Leaf: Clark, Salming, Keon (okay, Davy was mostly before my time, but from the vintage stuff I've seen he was definiteyl my kind of player!)

Fondest Pre-Nuke HF Memory: Joining the Hockey's Future NHL sim league (I don't even want to guess how much time I've sunk into it over the last five years!).
What you're looking for Post nuke: Stopping the insanity... BWO has an opportunity to raise the bar for Leafs fans everywhere by showing the rest of the hockey world that you can love the Leafs and defend them without being a raving idiot. Kudos to the fathers (and mothers? never want to presume...) of this particular brainwave!

Short Round: "You call him Doctor Jones, lady!"
Jones: "MY professional name..."

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