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Originally Posted by ixcuincle View Post
On a related topic PAC-10 is considering raiding the B12 for more teams. Texas, Oklahoma St, and some other teams.

To be honest, I think everything is fine as is. But the word is eventually you will have 4 super-conferences instead of the 6 we have now, and the Big 12 and East will be disbanded, which is ridiculous IMO.

One thing I would never want to see is the BE disbanded. I don't care about the football, but the basketball would be a shame. BE Basketball is all about MSG.
Big East basketball will still exist, just in a different form. It will be back closer to where it was pre-expansion IMO just with a few different teams.

Losing some recent top teams like Cuse, Louisville, West Virginia and Pitt will hurt on the basketball side, but they'll be replaced by quality programs.

I see the new Big East basketball conference looking as such:
Notre Dame (remains independent in football)
Seton Hall
St John's

* - added from A-10

still a pretty formidable conference, especially adding traditional mid-major powers Xavier, Temple and Dayton. Duquesne I could see them adding simply to keep a presence in the Pittsburgh/Western PA market.

Not sure I'd put that conference on par with the ACC if they were to add Cuse and WVU, but I would put it on par with any other conference in basketball including the Big 10.

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