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06-05-2010, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Zetterqvist24 View Post
I am the same shoe size as you (even describe myself as a 9.5 or 10) and have a size 8 pair of Vapor XXXXs that I've been looking to get rid of. Whether you'd be interested in those or not, I was going to recommend Vapors for what you're looking for anyways. Vapors are built for speed and agility and tight turning, and the high end models like the XXXX (or whatever was equivalent for the year) have the stiffest boot. You said you bought your 6000s about 7 years ago used. The reason that your foot is slipping is because those skates are so broken in by now that they've probably lost most of their stiffness. As a result, your foots going to slip on something like a tight turn because the boot doesn't have the stiffness to support that kind of pressure anymore. I played college as well and I'm almost positive this is your problem, based on the age of your skate.

All you need is something stiff that's going to stay completely solid while you're turning. It doesn't really matter if the skate is "made" for agility or not because even if it's more of a "power skating" boot (one95 vs Vapor, for example) it's still going to be stiffer than what you're wearing and give you the support you need to make your turns without slipping. If you're interested in the XXXXs I have (about 2 years old with plenty of steel and life left) shoot me a PM or something. If not just look for decent high end skates at closeout prices. Since Nike separated with Bauer, all of the old Nike Bauer skates are discounted this summer (especially now that the X:60 and TotalOne are out) but I haven't seen the Vapor XXXXs anywhere online, just the One95s (which I plan on getting soon).
Thanks a lot for the reply, you definitely answered a lot of my questions. I'll PM you...

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