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03-16-2005, 08:43 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
If they are in NIHOA then they arent just a "High School Referee Organization" like you said in a previous post. NIHOA does all youth hockey...cept most likely rec leagues they dont do(most rinks hire there own refs for that). Travel teams, tornments, Modified, JV, Varsity they do.

I am apart of NIHOA(WIHOA..WestchesterIHOA) and our R.I.C. would never suspend a referee...give the referee lower level games yes but not suspend. Dont know what type of clowns they got running the show over there.

And yes..if they are wearing there NIHOA crests then it is NCAA rules(or possibly Federation Rules)..not USA rules.
Well I can tell you these officials only did high school games. Maybe they refused other assignments, I don't know but they only did high school. We'll see where they go from here.

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