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09-30-2003, 01:33 PM
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Jacobs Inc. sees a post-CBA wherein a guy like Amonte (5.8450 is really more like 3.75.
Seeing that Murray is at 3.85, it's quite likely they will consider him post-CBA worthy of that money.
Players won't like to hear offers for less than what they were offered by that team the first time around.
In that sense, Murray is at least a possibility to retain.
Knowing you're certain to be RW aside Joe Thornton is a pretty good gig.

As has been said, their will be loads of free agents next year and the year after.
I don't think we need to over-analyze what will happen then .
Whatever the case, you'll still generally have to be the high bidder for a free agent in order to land him. That won't ever change.
There may become even more emphasis on choices, but I don't expect any cap to be so low as to stymie the most aggressive management teams from continuing to be the most succesfull.

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