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I did a draft selection preview like this on the Habs board where it went over reasonably well. Let me know what you think of the Minnesota one.
Here are my hopefuls - I made 3 selections for each pick because you never are really sure who will be there when your turn comes. And yes, I would have liked to pick Hall and Seguin but I tried to make the picks possibles given their rankings. I would welcome others to give it a go.

Round 1 - 9th Pick
1. Granlund, Mikeal - C - 26-Feb-92 - L - 5’10’’ - 176 lb. - 40-13-26-39-62 - HIFK - Finnish Elite - NHL CS ranked - 1st EU skater or about 9th overall - Me - 9 - Already a success in the top men’s league in Finland and a star at the recent U18’s where he had the 3rd highest points in the tournament. Elite vision and playmaking skills, great work ethic and one who always battles. Would be a contender for top 3 if his skating was elite as well - only average.
2. Skinner, Jeff - C -16-May-92 - L - 5’10’’ - 186 lb. - 64-50-40-90-72 +7 - Kitchener - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 34th NA skater or about 42nd overall - Me - 11 - A breakout year and an outstanding playoffs for a guy who gives it all each shift. A goal scorer (maybe the best in the draft) who is also a solid two way player. Like Granlund, his skating is only average and he is also not the biggest guy out there but his compete makes him elite.
3. Forbort, Derek - D -4-Mar-92 - L - 6’4’’ - 197 lb. - 26-4-10-14-26 - US NDP - USHL - NHL CS ranked - 9th NA skater or about 11th overall - Me - 12 -
A large d-man both who excels at both ends of the ice who recently experienced the success of a Gold Medal with Team USA at the U18’s where he tied for the lead in plus-minus forn the tournament.
Note: This assumes Johansen, El Nino and Connelly are already taken.
Round 2 - 39th Pick
1. Knight, Jarred - RW - 16-Jan-92 - R - 5’11’’ - 190 lb. - 63-36-21-57-39 +16 - London - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 82nd NA skater or about 105th overall - Me - 38 - Jarred Knight can be summed up as I go to the net and I score goals. Jarred had two seasons - the 1st season he sucked badly before he was diagnosed with diabetes - the 2nd season (post treatment for diabetes) which included the playoffs Jarred showed the intensity and drive of a man on fire. Some say his low ranking is caused by his skating - but he is plenty fast on those 1st few steps in going to the net as OHL goaltenders will tell you. Some say his low ranking is caused by his lack of size - however, he is absolutely fearless along the boards and going for a loose puck.
2. Pulkkinen, Teemu - C/RW - 2-Jan-92 - R - 5’10’’ - 185 lb. - 17-20-21-41-41 - Jokerit J20 - Finnish Jrs. - NHL CS ranked - 17th EU skater or about 113th overall - Me - 39. A high scoring winger who can score or pass and loves to do it. Not good in the defensive zone, he needs to develop that aspect of his game. Led Team Finland at the U18’s by winning the scoring title with 15 points in just 6 games. A high risk with a potentially high reward type of guy.
3. Ross, Brad - LW - 28-May-92 - R - 6’0’’ - 169 lb. - 71-27-41-68-203 +22 - Portland - WHL - NHL CS ranked - 59th NA skater or about 73rd overall - Me - 40 - OK, think, Daniel Carcillo, Sean Avery, Matt Cooke, Steve Downie, Maxim Lapierre or Steve Ott - a totally in your face type kind of pest that other teams hate to play against. In addition, he has a decent scoring touch with good speed and a good wrist shot. Most of the year he played on Portland’s top line with El Nino and Ryan Johansen. Could use to gain a few pounds to be even more effective. His brother is Nick Ross who was drafted in the 1st round by Phoenix in 2007 - 30th overall.

Round 2 - 56th Pick
1. Alt, Mark - D - 18-Oct-91 - L - 6’3’’ - 187 lb. - 22-6-9-15-12 +3 - Cretin-Durham - US HS MN - NHL CS ranked - 37th NA skater or about 46th overall - Me - 48 - A big guy with leadership, speed and acceleration who has finally committed to hockey (University of Minnesota) versus football. His father is John Alt, an All-Pro offensive lineman for 13 seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs at 6’8’’ and 308 lb., so it was a difficult decision. The commitment to hockey will hopefully accelerate his growth as he can now concentrate all his energy in improving in one sport.
2. Shipley, Steven - C - 22-Apr-92 - L - 6’2’’ - 206 lb. - 68-23-40-63-32 -18 - Owen Sound - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 43rd EU skater or about 54th overall - Me - 56 - A big center who uses his wingers well and has NHL size and a nice shot. He needs to improve in his defensive game and his acceleration to maximize his potential.
3. Nemeth, Patrik - D - 8-Feb-92 - L - 6’4’’ - 204 lb. - 38-1-19-20-120 - AIK J20 - Swedish Jrs. - NHL CS ranked - 11th EU skater or about 76th overall - Me - 58. A smooth skating, large sized d-man with a touch of nastiness.

Round 3 - 69th Pick
1. Smith-Pelly, Devante - RW - 16-Jun-92 - L - 6’0’’ - 210 lb. - 60-29-33-62-35 +27 - Mississauga - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 76th NA skater or about 99th overall - Me - 68 - A guy who can skate (especially his accelerator-like 1st step) and shoot and you know is on the ice even if is name doesn’t show on the scoreboard. Loves to reek havoc on opposing defenses using his highly developed upper body to win puck possession battles and be effective on the cycle. Needs to be more consistent from shift to shift and improve his physical conditioning but could be a steal for someone willing to put the time in to develop him.
2. Kuhnhackl, Tom - RW - 21-Jan-92 - L - 6’2’’ - 179 lb. - 38-12-9-21-38 - Landshut - Germany - NHL CS ranked - 8th EU skater or about 51st overall - Me - 76. A world class talent who was hampered this year by a string of injuries so was not able to show all he had to offer. Next year he will suit up for the 2-time defending Memorial Cup winning Windsor Spitfires so will be able to show us what he can really do, His father is the German Mr. Hockey - Erich Kuhnhackl.
3. Smith, Dalton - LW - 30-Jun-92 - L - 6’2’’ - 193 lb. - 62-21-23-44-129 +20 - Ottawa - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 73rd NA skater or about 95th overall - Me - 87 - Dalton is the type of player all scouts love - a hard worker who goes up and down the ice and creates havoc and mayhem wherever he goes. Although he is known for his defensive play, he has a decent scoring touch as well. His skating could use some improvement but given his work ethic and intensity, I don’t think it will hold him back. Great bloodlines too, his father (Derrick) and two uncles (Wayne and Keith Primeau) played in the NHL.

Round 4 - 99th Pick
1. Granberg, Petter - D - 27-Aug-92 - R - 6’3’’ - 201 lb. - 40-2-7-9-39 - Skellefteċ J20 - Swedish Jrs. - NHL CS ranked - 21st EU skater or about 133th overall - Me - 80 - A late birthday boy good-sized shutdown defenseman with excellent mobility and decent puck skills - sounds like an NHL kind of guy to me. One of the biggest risers in the NHL’s final rankings, he kind of reminds me of Portland’s Ryan Johansen - not that their skills are similar but that their projection has been alike - to the moon, Alice, to the moon. After the rankings came out, Petter continued to improve and was very impressive shutting down the Rodin-Silfverburg line during the playoffs. He also helped Sweden to a silver medal at the U18’s.
2. Leach, Joey - D - 29-Jan-92 - L - 6’4’’ - 184 lb. - 70-3-23-26-77 +33 - Kootenay - WHL - NHL CS ranked - 120th NA skater or about 160th overall - Me - 90 - A long reach, excellent skater, good puck handler, decent shot, rugged play in the defensive zone plus led his team in his rookie year with a +33 in plus-minus. Would benefit from some extra weight but that doesn’t stop him from being good right now.
3. Trotman, Zach - D - 26-Aug-90 - R - 6’4’’ - 202 lb. - 36-2-6-8-18 - Lake Superior State - CCHA - NHL CS ranked - Unranked NA skater which translates to undrafted - Me - 91 - A late developer from Indiana who kind of rolled up on the shores of Lake Superior and started to make his presence known right away. He played against the other teams top lines which is unusual for a rookie and was effective because of his imposing size, solid physical play and a surprising mobility for a big guy. No Rocket Richard, he will however make whoever drafts him a happy camper because he does the defensive things right.

Round 5 - 129th Pick
1. Cisse, Yasin - RW - 11-Mar-92 - R - 6’3’’ - 208 lb. - 18-13-6-19-16 +3 - Des Moines - USHL - NHL CS ranked - 107th NA skater or about 142th overall - Me - 60 - A big guy who just likes to score goals and does. All kinds of goals, tip-ins, shooting, running through people, skating past people - he does it. And he is also strong on the boards, loves to hit and is tenacious on the forecheck. What is not to love, oops, one thing - he had a very serious season ending injury which will keep him out for a significant part of next season as well. So, look over that doctor’s report carefully and if there is a possibility that he will recover, grab him.
2. Bissonette, Matthew - C - 16-Jan-92 - L - 6’4’’ - 185 lb. - 56-16-33-49-39 -1 - Lewiston - QMJHL. - NHL CS ranked - Unranked which translates to undrafted - Me - 74. More than point a game centreman since he moved to Lewiston from Moncton, he possesses great size, passing skills, stickhandling and vision. Why he is unranked is a mystery to me - the only controversy that I am aware of is that he refused a trade to Chicoutimi because they didn’t have an English speaking CEGEP (community college) and got retraded to Lewiston from Chicoutimi.
3. Archibald, Darren - LW - 2-Sep-90 - L - 6’3’’ - 195 lb. - 57-26-33-59-62 +25 - Barrie - OHL - NHL CS ranked - 190th NA skater or after 210 and not drafted - Me - 85 - A big body at 6’3’’ who hits hard, drops the gloves, skates well and has a nice shot, especially my wrist shot. And with more than a little mean streak too, when he run over the Windsor goalie with his orange punk hairdo in the OHL playoffs - that was nasty!!! Yes, he has been passed over twice but I don’t think it will happen again because this is the big mean nasty guy who can skate that all managers say they want. OK, I confess, we share the same birthday.

Round 6 - 159th Pick
1. Ramage, John - D - 7-Feb-91 - R - 6’1’’ - 195 lb. - 41-2-10-12-51 +14 - Wisconsin - WCHA - NHL CS ranked - 131st EU skater or about 175th overall - Me - 95. A leader, a proven winner (U18 gold, U20 gold, frozen four finalist), plays in all situations, draws the toughest assignments and can be counted on game in game out to give a consistent and reliable effort - sounds like a Josh Gorges from the right side to me. Made the outlet pass to John Carlson to score the overtime winner against Team Canada to win the gold medal fro Team USA at the U20’s. Good bloodlines too as his father (Rob) was a long-term successful NHL d-man.
2. Vienneau, Joel - G - 18-Jan-92 - L - 6’3’’ - 187 lb. - 35-3-2.16-.928 - Kingston - OJHL - NHL CS ranked - 14th NA goalie which translates to undrafted - Me - 96 - What you are getting is someone at the very beginning of the road to becoming a great goaltender, someone raw and unpolished but someone with tremendous size and athleticism. And yes, he did lead the league in goals against average at 2.16 as well as save percentage at .928.
3. Brittain, Sam - G - 10-May-92 - L - 6’3’’ - 212 lb. - 52-2-3.27-.897 - Canmore - AJHL - NHL CS ranked - 8th NA goalie or around 192 overall - Me - 109 - Many were surprised that Sam was invited to the Combine given that he played in a lower junior league and did not have the best stats. However, given that he won the hand-eye co-ordination at the Combine which I think is rather important for a goalie and the fact that he possesses that large frame that scouts drool over and the fact that he led his over-matched team to some playoff success despite getting badly outshot - maybe those NHL scouts knew what they were doing when they asked for that last look at Sam at the Combine.

Round 7 - 189th Pick
1. Dahlstrom, Andreas - C - 22-Jun-91 - L - 5’11’’ - 176 lb. - 5-4-6-10-2 - AIK J20 - Swedish Jrs. - NHL CS ranked - 47th EU skater or about 188th overall - Me - 113 - The magician for AIK J20 with the “wow” factor had to trade it in early in the season for the “ow” factor as a result of a knee injury. The beauty of this pick is that his injury was so early in the season that most scouts did not get to see him so you are getting a quality player in round 7 without too much competition.
2. Aubry, Louis-Marc - C - 11-Nov-91 - R - 6’4’’ - 194 lb. - 66-15-18-33-69 -5 - Montreal - QMJHL - NHL CS ranked - 87th NA skater or about 116th overall - Me - 119 - Like some wines, some hockey players take longer to mature before being ready to perform the role they were intended for. Such is the case of Louis-Marc Aubry who has most of the characteristics that will make him a successful 3rd line center in the NHL i.e. a big centerman who can play both ends of the ice, has good vision and intensity and a quick shot. However, he needs to improve upon his leg and upper body strength to win the battles that a large 3rd line center in the NHL is expected to do. Good bloodlines, his father (Pierre), played in the NHL.
3. Olden, Sondre - W - 29-Aug-92 - L - 6’3’’ - 172 lb. - 32-7-20-27-22 - Modo J20 - Swedish Jrs. - NHL CS ranked - 86th EU skater which translates to undrafted - Me - 120 - A late birthday boy who just started to really shine at the end of the year - with 25 points for Team Norway at the Division 2 U18’s in just 5 games; enough to elevate Team Norway to Division 1 for next year. A large frame, excellent skater, good puck control, two-way player - a definitely under the radar guy for most clubs - Detroit is looking at him, however.

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