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06-05-2010, 05:49 PM
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I don't know if i can help since i am a beginner, but i recently bought skates and have a similar foot as you.

Both of my feet are flat and a bit wider. So i went to get fitted for skates. Tried on the Bauer Supremes and they pinched my heel almost instantly and it felt uncomfortable even walking in the store for a minute or two. The guy said it was normal, but i didn't like the feeling. Width-wise, the boot felt good though.

But then i tried on Rbk 5k's and i didn't think any boot would feel comfortable right out of the box, but these did. No pressure points anywhere, they have a much lower arch and width-wise, it was great. I even said to the associate that it felt like i was wearing regular shoes or even Rollerblades. After the first two skates, no pains besides the normal "haven't skated in 5 years" kind of pain in the leg muscles. I didn't even need to use the pumps.

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