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06-05-2010, 05:16 PM
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Goaltender fighting off YOUR shot?

How do you know when a goaltender is fighting off your particular shot?

I had a couple hours of stick time and a pretty decent goalie (I'm at about a C+ maybe; him a B+) seemed to be stopping but struggling with my shots but no one else. My slapshot seemed to give him trouble less of the time, but my snap snot seemed to confuse him.

I do not shoot particular hard all the time. I am learner how to better harness an actually snap shot with proper weight transfer but I think it was more an issue of a quick release.

Anyway to tell without actually asking him (I would have but didn't want to stand by the net while others were waiting to shoot)? Body language? Rebound length?

Edit: if it helps, I have a Reebok 8k with x60 Pm9. Goal I scored today in pickup was off the rush enter the zone and shoot on a different goalie (only shot he didn't butterfly or react to). Didn't think he was screened though it was a 1 v 2.

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