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09-30-2003, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by WinstonSmith
Malik is a pylon, soft as well, if it wasn't for his reach he'd be playing in some backwater like Toronto or New York, Allen's a pylon, he's tough enough but the reason he doesn't hit more is it takes him a week to get back to his zone responsibilities, and he's certainly not going to support on the rush... Sopel thinks he's Coffee but without the wheels or the shot or the soft hands or the passing... Slegr has the wheels, his shot is light years ahead of his first stint with the Canucks and certainly can hit in open ice and on the boards but has cement hands and uses his stick to make up for positional lapses (hooking). Look folks we have 3 legitimate defencemen... the rest are filler... Be worried... the only reason we don't have 300 goals against is we have some very good backchecking forwards... (Any combination of "Nasland and Bertuzzi" and checking are oxymorons)
think you should be watching the Canucks a little more closely this season... Malik was fine last year, as was Allen... Sopel thinking he's Coffee?? or do you mean Coffey? did you ever watch Coffey play?? Sopel plays nothing like him - forget the skill, he doesn't play the same style or the same instincts... it's like saying that Cooke thinks he's Gretzky!

our defense isn't a worry... as you said our top 3 are fine - few teams have as good a top 2 as we do in Ohlund and Jovo... Salo is a good enough #3... compare our #4-7 with other team's 4-7, and you'll see we're fine there too...

no team is comprised of 6 or 7 top pairing guys... we have 2 legit top pairing guys, 2 guys who are legit 2nd pairing dmen, and another 3 who are at least as good as any team's bottom pairing guys.

the problem isn't the players - not the forwards or the dmen... the problem is the system... there is too much emphasis on offense, and not enough on defense... we have had the top offensive defense group in the NHL for the past couple years... last year, despite the problems with injuries to Ohlund and Jovo, and Sopel going from a +21 to a -13, we still managed on improving to being the 10th best team in the league in team defense... a little more focus on this again, and we'll improve again.

This is a 104 point team that just replaced Baron with Slegr, Klatt with Arvedson, Letowski with Ruutu and Skudra with Hedberg... they are still one of the youngest teams in the league that is getting more experienced each year.

Why worry about them not playing well, when all they've done consistently is improve??

The worry, for me at least, is if they've matured enough to take another step in the playoffs... the regular season shouldn't hold many surprises, unless you think they're actually a worse team than they were last year?

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