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06-06-2010, 04:04 AM
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Originally Posted by nicolalas View Post
Just talked to my friend who's aunt is apparently Patty's realtor. Anyway, supposedly Patty just bought a house down in LA.

I know its hear say, but if by chance this is correct, does that mean Patty's gone?
that would make me a sad panda.

okay, i have a confession. the details are a bit hazy but here goes:
i have an acquaintance that works in a real estate office whom i visit occasionally. one day for no reason whatsoever i decide to pull a fax out of the machine while waiting for him/her. it's some sort of sale paperwork for a crazy 8ish-million dollar place IIRC with a poolhouse that around here would likely be a multimillion dollar home in its own right. i'm pretty sure i actually made the wolf whistle noise.

i'm about to set it back down when i make out the (trustee?) signatures: patrick & christina marleau. this can't have been more than ~6 months ago. now, my brother has run into patty at the basketball courts near where the marleaus (used to?) live, so i remember at the time thinking, "oh, good. marleau intends to re-sign" and keeping it to myself. life moves fast in the pro sports world, though, so it's still possible of course that they'll be moving to LA.

i wouldn't give the address out here of course but a cursory search of what i think was the area on trulia reveals that a place very similar to what i remember this house being has been on the market for over 2 months. i'm convinced this is the place but can he really have known since late march/early april? =/

i'm hoping i somehow remembered something wrong, though, bc i don't want patty within the division if he goes =/

as an aside, the previous tenant of my last place in NYC was none other than henrik lundqvist. a few xmas cards addressed to him & his gf were accidentally delivered to me i have the weirdest luck with stumbling upon hockey-related stuff.

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