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06-06-2010, 10:24 AM
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Very happy he won't get rid of the youth and will let the youth take spots on the roster... At least he says that.

Shouldn't bother wasting valuable cap space on fringe players like Shelley and Prust. The honeymoon phase will wear off very quickly.

There is absolutely no reason at all that Shelley and Prust should be considered ahead of Byers and Weise who are younger, and more skilled offensively. This is the contradiction with what Sather is saying, how would our young guys get first crack (like he says) if he's going to clog up all the spots with fringe meaningless 4th and 3rd line players.

And Prospal will be a mistake if its anything more then ONE year. He only took the deal he did last year because he was still being paid substantially by Tampa Bay.

Just re-sign Staal, Girardi, and Christensen, guys who could be considered part of the future and the plan. Let the other UFAs and RFAs walk, they mean nothing to the future of the organization.

Another thing, are we really going to waste Lundqvist's and Gaborik's prime years and look to be a contender when they're no longer in the prime of their careers?

There is no reason to conceed to mediocrity while we let the youth develop.

This is what bothers me, pick a plan and stay with it. Either rebuild or try to contend, don't go half way.

If we are going to rebuild, then what is the point of holding on to our two biggest trade chips? We could get both #1 and #2 overall and more in ANY draft with Lundqvist and Gaborik. What would Edmonton give up for Lundqvist? #1 and Eberle/MPS? What would Boston give up for Gaborik? #2 and ?

Or, we could bury Redden, get rid of Voros, Brashear, Shelley, Prust and all the fringe players taking up valuable cap space, sign Kovalchuk, and look to contend while the prospects develop.

I don't mind either route. But pick one and REALLY do it. Don't half ass it.

Want to rebuild, then rebuild.

Want to contend, then contend.

Want to contend AND let the youth develop, then do it.

Don't be stuck and content with mediocrity until Lundqvist and Gaborik aren't top end players anymore. Put a contender around them or trade them. Don't waste their prime years.

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