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06-06-2010, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Does every thread have to be about Kovalchuk? You guys are more interested in him than most of the GM's in the NHL. Kovalchuk has the St.Petersberg offer in his pocket. 3 years/$30 million tax free.
I guess it does.

However, the rumored KHL offer is laughable. The $10m per year in Russia is not tax free: Russia's income tax rate is 13%, the highest bracket (federal) in the U.S. is 35%. The $ offer is respectable (nothing earth-shattering), but 3 years is pathetic. There's no question Kovalchuk will get a more lucrative contract from at least one NHL team (probably several).

signing kovalchuk will prevent open spots for our young players, signing kovalchuk will prevent using that available cap space for the other gaping holes on this team.
Yet you want to trade assets for Radulov and Wheeler? How is not preventing open spots for our young players (not to mention you're going to be giving up our young players to get those players)? Signing Kovalchuk forces you to plug those open spots with our young players. Spreading that money over multiple positions means the young players aren't playing.

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