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09-30-2003, 02:51 PM
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Sad Day

I'm sorry this happened, for the thrashers, for the NHL, and for the fans. Heatly was, and still is, in my opinion, the brightest young star in the league. I'm not justifying his actions; they were stupid, innane, dangerous, and completely wrong. However, we all make mistakes. WE all screw up, and Heatley is no exception. Let's not forget, our coach, Mac-t, had a terrible drunk driving accident in his younger days...was he correct in doing that? Absoloutley not. But that doesn't mean he wasn't forgiven. I think the same holds true for heatley. HE deserves to be punished, and he then deserves to be forgiven and given another chance. In 30 years I hope we all remember this for what is it: a tragic, stupid, but temporary mistake to what is a great career. Ulitamtely, the question is between him and Schnider, who was the person hurt by heatley's actions. I don't know if schnider had his seatbelt on or not, and if he didn't, shnider has to take some of the blame himself. Also, it should be stated that we don't know all the facts on this one, and whether or not acohol was involved will play a huge role in determining the punishment he recieves.

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