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06-06-2010, 11:58 AM
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Originally Posted by toph2o View Post
As a native of Lafourche Parish, La (look up where that is in relation to the spill, all the stories are being tagged Grand Isle or Port Fourchon, both my old fishing grounds), this really hits home for me, literally.

As far as who should be doing what, without a doubt BP should be taking the lead in stopping the leak, but the government is far more capable of managing the cleanup (if the administration wasn't more interested in pointing fingers). Mobilizing the Coast Guard, National Guard, whomever... massive manpower and procurement of supplies/resources/equipment is something government COULD be doing. However they're not. Obama is far more busy trying to deflect blame, demonizing anyone who opposes him, and playing golf. I hate once again seeing the place I grew up turned into a political football by both sides.
but the government doesn't own drilling equipment/resources/supplies for something of this magnitude. and if they did, and from day one they kicked BP out of the way, imagine the uproar from people saying they are overstepping their power, saying "where in the constitution does it say the federal government can clean up oil?!". it's a lose-lose for government, they will be attacked politically for either doing too much or too little. but hopefully the last thing on their minds is their poll ratings, and they're more concerned with doing the right thing.

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