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06-06-2010, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Rosi's contract is bad. He's a veteran, he's decent, inconsistent but when he's on he can be a real asset to a team. It's the contract that's preventing him from netting a higher draft pick.

I don't think Girardi and Staal will get a lot higher raises. Girardi made something like 1.3 last season, i don't know what i gave him but at the time i think that's what his league value would have been. Staal had been a little bit of a disappointment for the majority of last year as well. I just think that the Rangers have more leverage on those players and will be able to control the extension prices closer to what they want more so than what the players want.

For some reason i thought Callahan was a RFA this season. That's better new because it means more available cap space for the Rangers.

Yea i was uncertain about that trade. Sanguinetti is the more likelier of the 2 to be traded however the Rangers could desperately use his shot on the power play, especially if they don't overpay for Kovy. And i can't see the Rangers keeping both Gilroy and Sangs on the same defense, both undersized and defensive liabilities at points. And i especially can't see both of them together if Rosival and Redden are still a part of the Rangers. I mean would they be trying to have the weakest defense in the league? But i agree, one of them should be traded for Wheeler. We can use Wheeler's size, grit, and talent on this team. He'd be a very good addition. And it's realistic that Glen trades for him because Glen was a heavy pursuer of Wheeler when he was a fa coming out of Phoenix. Hopefully he still likes his game, and hopefully Wheeler will come relatively cheap.
Initially I didn't think this either, but I think it makes more sense salary cap wise to pay a bit more now for longer-term deals. I think that is the direction Sather is going to go in, in light of recent comments. They are part of this teams future core. Makes sense to lock them up long-term. And the price of long-term contracts is paying a bit more now to have a bit of a bargin in a couple of years.

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