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09-30-2003, 02:55 PM
Jeff from Maine
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I agree 100% about the illfated Berard/Girarad pairring. One hockey 101 fundamental is that you dont pair a offense oriented puckrusher, with another offense oriented puck rusher. Edmonton sledom paired Coffey with anyone other than Charlie Huddy. Problems arise many times over in coverage responsibility and recognition....WHO do I have and WHEN should I commit to moving up the ice or hanging back? But, I think that Ftorek put this pairring together because, as Meister stated earlier, the B`s had become too predictable in their set up.

The Bruins lost a lot of their high end talent when they allowed Guerin to leave and Samsonov suffered his injury. That said, they had little in the ay of offensive balance and variation. eventually, defenses were able to cut off the lanes from the blueline to center ice....and those passes that early in the season were completed and turned into 2 on 1 or 3 on 2 rushes, were now being intercepted and turned into 2 on 1 and 3 on 2`s the OTHER way!

I completely agree with you idea of PATIENCE this year!

Robbie was obviously an offenseive minded coach...we all know and knew did O`C. Give him the horses, and his teams will fly, as they did in his first year! But O`C cut his hamstrings when he allowed Guerin to leave....we lost ALL semblance of balance. But thats another digression here


I agree with you as well. I think we will have a VERY hard time learning an EFFECTIVE trap this year. The trap requires an above average hockey "IQ", and I dont see us as having that! And the more youth we have in the lineup, the more difficult our job will be.

I am in favor of an aggressive 2 man forecheck. I played and I believe in all out aggression for 60 minutes....and I post that way as well

I am a firm believer in the idea that you set your own destiny and your own tone onto the game. You pressure the puck with 2 forecheckers and make the boards your best friend. Neutral zone HARRASSMENT, rather than congestion is the name of my game, with the defenseman using the boards as their ally.

This is a fun style and young players LOVE playing this way! Young guys generally dont have the savvy, and in many cases the skills of the older guys, and a system like this allows ass-busting workers to bve an integral part of the team.

3. Meister...thanks fgo rthe kind words.

Just a couple thoughs.


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