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03-16-2005, 02:35 PM
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Originally Posted by VaFlyer
We will not lose any drafted players to UFA status. Where would they sign? There are 2 places these guys can go: WHA, which really isn't a large money maker at the moment, or Europe. The first team to go out and sign another team's prospect, will open up pandora's box. First, it will be deemed by the owners group as showing weakness in their negotiations. Second, every team will panic and try to sign as many guys as they can to contracts.

There will be no worry by me about this issue until a new CBA is in place which if the owners are smart they will include an ammendment that deals with the unsigned but already drafted players.

This is correct. Carter and Richards are going no where.

Al Alven said this somewhere before, he understands it that the Flyers hold the players' rights for 2 drafts and not 2 years.

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