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06-06-2010, 06:44 PM
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I like this, and am glad the league is taking such a strong and intelligent route to deal with this.

My first 2 years in HFNHL I was trapped down under 3M and slowly progressed up to about 8M. I was one of these teams for a long time, and I will give some hints to new GM's, or GM's trapped in this kind of situation.

#1 - No big free ageent signings!: This year was the first time i've signed someone to a big contract, 4.4M was the price I put forward to get Scott Hannan. That is the biggest acquisition i've made over that time, and didn't make it before I had enough cash, before that I set my own cap, at a very low number and would offer guys up at bargains. Someone ALWAYS falls through the cracks. Two years ago it was Dwayne Roloson at 2.3M Last year it was Darcy Tucker at 1.5M. These guys aren't superstars but they will make your team respectable and add some talent.

#2 - Trade some assets for cash. I've made several deals that did end up leaning towards the opposing GM, but to even up the field cash was added to the deal. The league has several well off GM's that if you explain your situation can afford to give up a little cash here and there. If you're smart with your Payroll a little cash here and there can go a long way.

#3 - Consider Rebuilding: If you have a bunch of big contracts and you'll need to add and add to become a contender, consider shutting it down and rebuild. I didn't have much of a choice but i'm thankful that was my situation becasue it made it a lot easier to take this route. I know some people worry that they don't have as much info about prospects as others, but when you're rebuilding, anyone can read up on a little information here and there, compare rankings and make a semi-educated choice in who to pick, especially in the top 10, also bring in guys who could soon be ready to recieve entry level contracts. I've had some good young players like Phil Kessel, Keith Yandle and Steve Mason at a combined price of 2.55M that kept me competitive and saved a lot of cash.

I've gone from 3M to just over 33.5M in my finances using these 3 things. It is a bit of a trying route, but when you're involved in a league as great as this just try to enjoy it, and stay active with ideas of rebuilding your team.

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