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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
My edits:

At Home:

- NEVER eat within 2 hours of playing
- put on long-sleeve dri-fit t-shirt at home, put cotton t-shirt to wear after playing in bag
- put on bauer orange hockey boxers with jockstrap sewn inside, pull on sweat/track pants over (make sure jock cup is in hockey bag)
- run through gear list to make sure all items in bag

At Rink:
- bring in both sticks (would have to take off skates to get other stick in car)
- open hockey bag
- take off track pants, sneakers and cotton socks
- put on skate wigwam thermax liner socks for feet
- put on shin guards
- put on velcro straps over shin guards - why keep buying shin tape?
- put on hockey socks over shinguards
- put on skates (i have feet that need extra time to adjust to wearing skates, so the sooner I get them on, the better. I tie the laces moderately tight knowing I will have to tighten them after the warmups).
- put on Hockey Pants (I put on the pants before I take the cotton skate guards off so that I do not cut/damage the inside of the pants).
- the rest same as above...

what I meant was, bring 3 sticks. Leave 1 in the car incase the backup breaks.. basically a backup backup..

no velcro straps because the ones ive used dont flex as well as the clear tape..and when they do they become unvelcrode(if thats a word)..

also, not everyone has pants big enough to put their skates through. Or not everyone has the unzippys on the legs.. so thats why I didnt suggest it..

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