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Originally Posted by FreddieBisco View Post
That Miller choice was 11 seasons ago, and he lucked out on him in the 5th round.Just look at the last few seasons of Regier's work, and you'll see how pitiful his performance is.

Wasting 2 2nd rounders in a row on Torres and Moore.Wasting a 2nd and 3rd for a 5/6 d-man in Rivet with overrated leadership and deteriorating playing skills.Overpaying for Gaustad,and Pominville (). How many of his top selections has he totally flubbed?Kruikov,Novotny,Persson,Zagrapan,Brennan?

Be happy with lucking out to a division win (Even though the 3rd and 4th place division teams made it farther then us : )

And just wait til this off-season, when Buffalo makes zero impact additions, same old song from Darcy..."The market wasn't right" "The money thrown around was to crazy for us"

It's funny, everyone around here ridicules teams that spend through FA, saying it isn't the "right" way to try to compete, even though we have never known for ourselves how it would turn out, one of Darcy's best lines is saying he would rather be active in the trade then FA market, which shows how terrible he is with assets, trades you have to give to get, FA you just have to open the wallet.

I love how you mention all these first round flubs Regier has had. Name me another GM that has been employed with a team 13 yrs straight and gone 13/13 in the first round picking great players. The draft is a crap shoot. How you throw out Brennan's name as a bust is beyond me.Also the guy is a 2nd round pick. The same second round Darcy has gotten proven players like Roy and Pominville. Some pretty great prospects in Weber,Enroth,Adam and McNabb. Zagrapan when drafted was a high risk/high reward player. Go back to the draft thread pretty much all of us were happy with the pick. Why dont you mention 1st rounders like Vanek, Ennis and,Myers. who look like they will be high end players Even first rounders like Paille,Stafford and Ballard are playing right now in the NHL. Who know's how Kassian turns out for them as well.

You talk about how he overpaid Pominville?? What do you think he was worth coming off of a 27 goal 80 pt season in his 3rd season in the league. The season before he had the second most even strength goals in the league with 34. Gaustad got paid for leadership,faceoff ability, leading by example work ethic and it also helped to keep Miller around as he was his best friend on the team. You think Miller would have re-signed with the Sabres if they kicked his best buddy out the door??

I have no problem with the trade for Rivet. The picks were by far worth giving up to get a guy on the team that would bring some work ethic, heart,veteran leadership and a pair of balls to this team. Something this team completely lacked as evidence to them naming him their captain in his first season.

Lucking out to a division win?? Seriously explain your logic on that one?? I'm not going to sit here and say the Sabres were not complete garbage in the playoffs. I'm also not going to discredit losing Hecht for the playoffs, Kaleta playing with cast on his hand, Rivet with two torn labrums, Connolly playing on a broken foot, Gaustad being banged up and missing Vanek till the last game of the series. Coaching had a big part as well, its no secret they need a coach that can draw up a real power play. It has been a big problem with the Sabres for quite a few years now.

My biggest problem with Darcy is he waits to long to get what he thinks is maxed value in trades. For the most part I haven't seen him have the crap end of a trade though when he has made one.

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