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06-07-2010, 01:50 PM
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Thinking on upgrading from Easton S3 skates to

Hi all!
I currently own to pair of entry level skates.
Bauer ONE05 and the Easton Stealth S3.
The Bauer killed my feet forever and I had to wear them very loose in order to not hurt but that killed my stability. I am a rookie, started skating 3 months ago btw.
The Eastons are better as I can tight them more but still hurt and the top of my feet stay numb pretty much all the time now...not good.
I skate about 5 days a week for many hours so I need to protect my feet.

I was thinking on getting the RBK 5K or maybe 7K or even 8K (I am a huge Mario Lemieux fan thus now I am a Crosby fan too and of course he wears RBK) but the horror stories about the pump issues, scare me.
My other choice is the CCM U+ 09 or maybe others that you can suggest.
Any ideas on what is a good upgrade if either of those, from my current Eastons?
I am trying to buy from Players bench as they are my local store and I want to support them. They price match too.
Thanks guys!

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