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Originally Posted by RR View Post
You sure that's true? A lot of debate and speculation here these last months that IEH was played by the COG to buy JR time to get back in the game. Is that IEH's fault? Makes sense why they insisted on exclusivity this time around.
I dont think the COG was "playing" IE, I hold to a completely reverse opinion on that one RR. Does it not strike you as "odd" that JR is not excluded from the $25M blanket exclusivity clause in IEH's MOU?. As fantastically "nefarious" a theory that is (that JR/COG have an agreed upon AMULA) the lack of his exclusion would suggest otherwise. As for the clause being included to "protect" IE from MysteryBuyer 3/4/5, even I, Mr. Smoking Gun, have a hard time grasping that concept, certainly not when their are less distressed franchises available with greater upside potentialities.

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