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09-30-2003, 02:34 PM
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the game is on channel 973 (cjad radio) i seen it all man i posted this on the cuts thread but i still can't get over this thread that i read on fanhome any opinions? garbage eh

as reported by (gsn )

canadians reported to be in talks with french superstar

Canadians are said to be offering Franis Lemieux 550,000 1 year deal but lemieux is said to be asking for a 2 year deal around 1.5 million .
Francis(the stickler) lemieux who club placed 2nd last year toiled in the russian elete league with some impressive stats.Lemieux played in all but 5 of the 77 games, missing all 5 games due to taking a deflected puck in the groin area.When asked about the incident lemieux said "yeah that was pretty nuts"it just something that you have to deal with.Lemieux insists that just because he got hit in the nuts ,that he still won't wear a cup.I played my whole career with out a cup i don't intend on puting on now.In 72 games Lemieux racked up 1 goal and 3 assitst for 4 points."I felt really good last year,and i think my point totals show that".
"When i think of all the great Canadian players that put on a habs jersey i think of ,Terry Ryan,Andre Raciot,Brad Brown.Coach Jullien thinks lemieux will fit in.Any time you can put a guy who had a 4 point season on your team you got to like that,he's certainly is a sniper.
Lemeiux 23 plays center and is 4'10 156 lbs.with my size i create alot of room out front of the net.