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Originally Posted by Sanderson View Post
The Euro is still right were it was last summer. There may be some trouble in the Euro-zone, but the currency isn't dropping to levels it hasn't seen in the past.

Why should players demand more money now?
The last time they negotiated contracts, the Euro was were it is now. It was only during the season that it started to rise.

Nothing against Kassel, but with that kind of behaviour they simply shouldn't be in the DEL. They burned bridges from day one, no one with common sense does that. They are acting a bit like Jim Basillie, meaning, you shouldn't get on the bad side of someone you want something from.

Now, everyone knows the the DEL is a bit of a joke, but the Huskies are even worse. It appears like they knew they couldn't convince the other teams that they deserve to be there, so they went for the worst possible option, slam everyone you can find.

I really would like to know the reasoning behind the injunction, because I certainly can't see any valid argument for it.
The Euro has been over 1.50 USD for the past 2 years or more. It's now under 1.20 That's quite a drop for players and teams to deal with.

Sanderson, have a look at any financial chart and you will see the Euro has been strong each of the past 3 summers so your info in wrong.

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