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06-07-2010, 04:53 PM
Lets Do It.
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Lets get your opinion on the play?

Just for starters this guy is like 6'2, I'm about 5'11 and my goalie is about 6'3.

I miss my defensive assignment and the guy gets a break.
I go hauling back, I am faster so I catch up, just not enough.
Ten feet out from the net, I dive, get puck FIRST, then he trips over me.
He precedes to get up, throw off his helmet and starts swinging (while still on the ground). He catches the inside of my leg, but I start backing up so he misses my face. My goalie steps in between us.

I get called for tripping, and he doesn't get anything on the play.
I argued the call but to no avail. Who was right? Me or the ref?

His argument was, I tripped him, getting puck or not, it doesn't matter, and he "didn't get to me" so he didn't get anything.

Who's right?

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