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06-07-2010, 07:33 PM
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Responses to the last few questions-
I see Petrovic as a tweener. He's a hard rock guy but it seems that he wants to be a distributor/carrier at times too and it leaves him exposed. He's physically capable and I hear that he gets top shelf character points but I think he has to find those balances in his game- he can look a little lost when he extends himself. Still, the NHL needs crease clearing, strong character types. Mid 2nd round?

Alberthauser could be a surprise. He's better in IIHF play than in the Q. He's still awkward and gangly and on the verge of putting it all together. Late b-date too. Reminds me a bit of another big German in the Q recently, Dennis Riel. 3rd round?

Connolly at 15 is lower than most have him, I know. But I (and some others) are very wary of the fact that he lost almost a year of development so it's difficult to gauge how he has improved this year. I know that as a 16 year old he looked top 3-5 for 2010, but sometimes 16 yr olds drop in their draft year and we just don't know that about Connolly. Generally, you don't like to draft players based upon their 16 yr old sesaon using a top 10 pick.

It's always hard to rate draft quality overall or year-to-year because scouts are almost always comparing players inside the same year. I see it as a bit weaker than some recent drafts in 6-10. The eventual quality of this draft will be seen in whether, and how many, smallish guys make it from this collection- Granlund, Weal, Schwartz, Burmistrov, Skinner, Spooner, Hishon.

I think if Kuznetsov had played CHL this year you would have seen similar, or even superior, puck and playmaking skills and he's a little bigger than Burmistrov (who is quite physically underdeveloped). Also Burmistrov appears to be heading to the KHL this year so the Rusian factor affects him too. Note that most Russian watchers rate Kuznetsov ahead of Burmistrov and it would be hard to disagree if you looked only at international play.

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