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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
I'm older than most of you so bare with me....but my best NHL player experience wasn't with an Hab though I've met and talked with a lot of them. Best experience was when the Habs moved from the Montreal Forum to the Molson Centre. Rangers were in town and my father, usher then, was on guard for what was left of the Forum which was, pretty much destroyed, rats in the dressing room and spa and so on....Well there was one guy who came in with his wife and wanted to come in. I obviously recognized him and so did my father who knew he was an NHL player but didn't quite remember at that time who he was so I had to told him. He let the player come in with his wife and asked him what he could do for him.

The player came in and said that he wanted to see what the old Forum looked like inside now that it was destroyed and all....My father who wasn't really allowed to let anybody came in said that he could go in....And so he did....The ice surface, obviously with no ice, most seats were already gone, was close to where we were sitting (pure luck that I was there that day, was just visiting my dad to see the dressing room and all...) so I kinda followed the player and his wife, not too close to be impolite but close enough to hear the guy say to his wife how it was so special to play there. That it was his favorite place and that he was sad to see it under these conditions etc.....He came back 5 minutes after and I'll tell you the guy had teary eyes.....Came to us and thanked us very much for letting him inside, saying that it was important for him to say a last goodbye....

That player wasn't a star.....but geez would we have loved to have that guy with our team when he was at his peak. The player was Adam Graves. One of the most intense moment I had a chance to be a part of as far as being around a NHL player.
Very interesting story. I've only been to the Forum a handful of times before the move (I was still a kid when the Canadiens moved to the Molson Centre), but I get a strange feeling of sadness whenever I visit the Forum today. I definitely feel like something has been lost...

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