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03-16-2005, 08:34 PM
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Originally Posted by bleedgreen
minor plus a misconduct (it doesnt specify a ten minute, just says misconduct - i call it a ten)
There is no official term "10 Minute Misconduct". In the book, it is a Misconduct, which carries a 10-minute penalty that does not make the team shorthanded.

Originally Posted by FLYLine4LIFE
Wow..2 and a game for an open ice...checking from behind? Now thats what I call harash...the player could turn and the kid gets bumped from behind..falls down but no harm misconduct. I hope they dont have a automatic Game suspension with a Game misconduct in Canada..that would be way 2 harsh. Into the boards or goal frame though..yes should be game.
Up here, we don't differentiate open ice and on the boards when it comes to checking from behind. A CFB is a CFB. The onus has always been on the player delivering the hit to stop when he sees an opponent's back (all minor players in BC have stop signs on the back of their jerseys). Although I would like the power to assess an Unsportsmanlike minor or a dime (at my discretion) for those who turn their backs, a CFB is a CFB.

As for automatic suspensions, any Game Misconduct in the last 10 minutes of a game carries an automatic one-game suspension.

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