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06-08-2010, 09:39 AM
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Originally Posted by jlr View Post
Regier is the GM, and he's ultimately responsible for the personnel decisions that are made. If he doesn't have the authority he needs to do his job, that doesn't lessen his accountability.
In my job, I bolted from a position where people tried to hold me accountable for stuff that I had no authority over.

That position is horrible.

The problem with Regier's position is that we have no solid idea on how much authority he has over decisions that SHOULD be his and his alone.....

Originally Posted by jlr View Post
This comfortable little setup they have, where it's impossible to know who's ultimately pulling the strings, is complete BS. We all know Quinn is meddling, and if Darcy's willing to put up with it, at the expense of the roster, than he should just do us all a favor and GTFO.

When a new GM comes in and we see the same pattern of behavior, then we'll at least know where things stand.
Why should Regier do Sabres fans a favor?

It's not like NHL GM jobs grow on trees.

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