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06-08-2010, 11:47 AM
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Wild's Fletcher has his work cut out for him

Russo raises a couple of good points (which have been discussed ad nauseam). He's right about the Wild needing to do something given the growing apathy fans are having for the team and their amazing penchant for mediocrity, but his solution is controversial; namely advocating the trading of Burns due to the need to shake things up.

So that leaves three defensemen -- Brent Burns, Nick Schultz and 2008 first-round pick Tyler Cuma.

There's no doubt the Wild is shopping Schultz. He's a quality matchup defenseman and beloved by teammates, but his $3.5 million salary-cap noose around the team's neck is only rivaled by injured Pierre-Marc Bouchard's $4.08 million and Backstrom's $6 million.

Schultz is respected around the NHL, but with four more years at $3.6 million annually, it won't be easy to trade him.

The Wild might have to seriously consider trading Burns, but only if the price back includes significant pieces like that long-coveted center or top-six winger.

There are several reasons this makes sense. First, he's coming off consecutive injury-plagued seasons, most notably to his head. Second, he's two years from unrestricted free agency, and as all Wild fans know, his agent, Ron Salcer, isn't the easiest man to negotiate with (see Gaborik, Marian). And third, other than Mikko Koivu, whose contract the Wild will try to extend this summer, Burns is the one asset the Wild owns that could attract a big return (Backstrom and Martin Havlat have no-trade clauses).
Article here. What do you think?

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