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Originally Posted by devils4cup View Post
It's the 3rd period, in the playoffs and our team is down 3-2.

I go behind our net to pick up a lose puck and start skating towards the neutral zone. Coming off the bench is an opposing player that i deke around. Just as i pass the opposing around the hash marks, the player trips me and i fall to the ice as the puck continues to move forward.

The ref raises his arm indicating a delayed penalty, therefore our goalie takes off for the bench for the extra attacker.

The puck slides to the blue line, where another opposing player is skating towards the puck.

Instead of touching the puck to get a stoppage in play, the opposing player fires the puck into the now empty net.

The ref counts the goal, completely ignoring the tripping penalty.

After 5 minutes of intense arguments, the ref goes to centre ice for the faceoff where players and possebly coaches (I was on the ice so i didn't get a good look who was doing what) start throwing anything they can get their hands on. Many water bottles, tape, pucks, ect.

Good Times though
Haha. That sounds like small-town Alberta refereeing. Where exactly did this happen?

My dad, our Bantam coach at the time, chucked a water bottle at a ref in High Prairie once. Our player was jumped by two of their guys, and our player was to only one to receive a penalty on the play...

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