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Originally Posted by JRZ DVLS View Post
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I have designed a few jerseys. I usually go the screen printed route since it seems to be much cheaper, It looks great, and its mens league. If you are planning on keeping the same guys together for a while it may be worth it to go Twill, but it can be pretty pricey.

when going printed, you can utilize the jersey color and one color to lower your cost, not sure that is the case with Twill. We got the bruins 1972 style jersey with the tie strings (Athletic Knit Jersey) and i used the black as one color and used white and yellow for another so it was three colors but only paying for two.
On the Other, i used the Maroon as background and added gold, white, Black.

Each color adds more cost for both the jersey and Set-up. Each color cost me $25 through the total order to Set up. I think the maroon one was @ $35 each for 20 jerseys, and the Black was @ $40 each for 20. The maroon would have been much cheaper, but the third color added to the overall cost.

As for the #'s on back, i think i went just one color block. No names because we can sometimes have turnover. And minimum order is 6 jerseys if you need more, and the price goes up because the set-up fee is amortized over a smaller qty.

Not sure where these guys have gotten crappy printed ones, but I am very satisfied with mine and I work in the Design/Printing industry.

Altho, if you are going with a RBK jersey, i am guessing money is not really much of an issue.
I take it you play at Fox Valley?

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