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Originally Posted by Nuck Off View Post
I've seen this repeated over and over from you. I'll present this apples and oranges argument. And I mean this all with much respect.

Were you a proven lawyer while you were honing your craft in law school? No, of course not, but you probably excelled compared to your peers and there was a high probability that you would become a successful lawyer.

What about in your first 10 real cases? Are you a proven lawyer after 10 cases? Can we compare your first 10 cases to Schneider's first 10 games in the NHL? Are probabilities high that, with experience, someone with the pedigree of Schneider will succeed at an NHL level? Of course they are. Saying they're not would be arguing for the sake of arguing - which you're good at because you are now (or were formerly) an excellent lawyer.

People are saying Schneider will be Luongo's back-up based on educated probabilities and past events. I see nothing wrong with that, yet you seem to want to point out that Schneider has yet to prove he is capable of being an NHL goalie. Well, no kidding man. Nobody in the history of civilization has proven anything whatsoever until they've been put in a situation to do so, and Cory Schneider has earned that opportunity, and then some.
My first ten cases were all wins - so yes I suppose I was successful. And it continued. I did lose a couple of cases subsequently. I think my first loss was in the mid-30's.

Thus far Schneider has not shown to me in his ten games that he is not another Jason LaBarbera.

Jason LaBarbera was of similar age when he put up better AHL numbers than Schneider over several seasons and in fact was the AHL MVP on top being the top goaltender. He is at best a journeyman back-up when he is on his game.

Thus far Schneider has not proved to be an NHL goalie as a back-up or starter. Last year he was beaten out by Raycroft.

This year he may or may not have much competition depending upon who Gillis signs.

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