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Originally Posted by se7en View Post
so I'm in a bad mood today. I'm on 19 straight days of work without a day off & I'm getting bitter So I apologize in advance in my mood is reflected in my post...

As far as Burns goes, and anyone else on the team for that matter. Trade them if the oppurtunity to get a good return is there. I love Burnsey too and it would suck to see him in a different jersey but there's no reason to be sentimental now... Let's face it, the Wild suck, yes we have flashes, we have players with potential, but that's nothing if we're not going anywhere with the pieces we have. The important thing is that we have a GM that I trust right now. I believe that any big piece he would move is in our best interest long term. As much as I love certain players on our team, I'm willing to let any one of them go right now...

After the Marian Gaborik fiasco, I can't imagine any players departure being any worse then that one because at least we'll get SOMETHING in return...

Long story short, think of it this way, How many Cup championship teams so far have needed Brent Burns to win a cup? How many teams have needed anyone from our team to win a cup!? None of them... So in other words, as much as we prize some of our players, and as much as they could contribute to an eventual cup team, my point is that NO ONE on our team is the end all be all of hockey & no one we lose is going to break this team at this point... There's numerous combinations of players out there that can make a cup worthy team, so giving up Burns for example, isn't going to hurt our chances any more then it helps them...

My point is that is that if Fletch sees a solid oppurtunity, I say he takes it even if that means trading away a fan favorite. We'll live. If the player accels elsewhere, good for them! If I watched Burnsey lift a cup for another team next year I'd still be proud of him. We need to right this ship and I'm open to anything that will make that happen right now...
The Oilers needed Roloson to give them a run to the Stanley Cup finals and technically the Blackhawks needed Johnsson (provided they win the Cup).

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