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Originally Posted by Chruceg View Post
I completely agree that the biggest are of weakness on the Kings is their lack of five on five scoring; however, I disagree that it is the only area of need. What people don't realize is how good the Kings were overall in the five on five goals differential stat. The Kings were tenth in the league. I just don't think it is as much of a glaring weakness that everybody makes it out to be. And I would maintain that by adding a single premier player for seven million or higher the Kings would be unable to address other vital areas of need on the team. (ie fifth & sixth defenseman, third line LW, the entire fourth line, etc.)

I completely disagree though that the reason why the Kings get hemmed up in their own zone has anything to do with having an elite goal scoring winger. The defensemen and the center are by far the most important part of that equation. If you offer some stats I might believe you but right now the supposition that a guy who is on the ice for roughly a third of the game can be the difference in quality breakouts out of the defensive zone. It just doesn't pass the smell test. Especially in light of the fact that the Kings are known around the league as a team that breaks it out of their own zone well.
We were 10th in the league in differential because our 5 on 5 D was that good. The differential was decent...but the scoring of goals was down. That is where the sniper comes in, because we will pretty much be returning the same D corps with probably a new face in the mix.

Centers and D are important in the breakout, but having that game-breaking threat helps keep the dmen and forecheck honest. Kovy has the skill and wheels to burn you if you make a bad pinch. Frolov was good at this too, he just can't execute a breakaway

Good discussion.

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