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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
The Oilers needed Roloson to give them a run to the Stanley Cup finals and technically the Blackhawks needed Johnsson (provided they win the Cup).
Hearsay... Johnsson played what, 10 games for the Hawks? If that? And hasn't played since... If the Hawks win, his name won't even be on the cup. I don't consider that being an intergal part of the team. They're showing right now that they don't need him...

As for Roloson, yes, that is a valid argument EXCEPT, they didn't win the cup, I said Championship teams, or in other words teams that won it all. But yes, he did give them a solid miracle 8th seat run...

These are still moot points for what I'm getting at tho. I just meant that we can't over value Burns, or anyone on our team for that matter. My real point is that we don't know yet who's going to make us a solid contender, it's just as likely that trading Burns away can get us to a cup faster then keeping him.. It's all speculation, I'm jut saying that I don't think he should be considered off limits...

*Again, keep in mind, I'm not saying trade him for a bag of pucks! I'm saying if Fletch finds a quality return for him it may be in our best interest. I don't want to be precieved as saying "let's get rid of him just to get rid of him!" I'm simply saying let's keep our options open and try to look at this objectivly...

3.6 is a standard cap hit for a reliable top four guy. Don't see the issue w/ Schultz? Trading Burns would be foolish - selling low is never a good idea.
See the above last paragraph... I want to say again, ONLY & I mean ONLY if Fletch see's a quality oppurtunity in a trade for Burns. Burnsey still has potential and potential can equal a solid return. Wonder if we wait another season & Burns gets another concussion & never plays top 4 d-man again, or even worse he spends his days with PMB watching from the press box. Then we'd all wish we would have traded him. (Don't you wish we would have traded PMB away before last season instead of giving him 1 more shot!?) Now let's say we trade him & he has a stellar year for someone else but we now have a solid center or new sniper winger & we're in the play-off hunt all season, would you really be that bitter that he's gone?

Fletch isn't an idiot, I'm just saying if a solid return is there, pulling the trigger may be in our best interest regardless if he's a fan favorite or not. We'd all be smiling and happy if the trading of Burns brings us a 30+ goal scorer. Even more so if one of our young D-crops steps up & fills in nicely in Burns spot...

It's all speculation, I'm just saying lets keep all options open for now.

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