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06-09-2010, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Then it's a no-brainer, you sign him. Or you rebuild over 3-4 years, but I don't think that's why Cammy, Gomez and co. were brought in to do. Trading Markov would represent a radical shift in the direction of the team, a clean break with the plan established a year ago. IIRC, at the beginning of last year, Markov was the Habs' reigning ironman. Two fluke injuries have not necessarily made him so injury-prone that we can only expect him to play 2/3rds of the game.
Cammy, Gomez and Gionta were brought in to give us a chance at the Cup. If it is determined that the only way to improve the team and hit that target in the next four years would be to trade Markov, then that too is a no-brainer.

The scary part about Markov getting injured is the way it happens. Both Grabovski's and Cooke's hits were not only legal; they weren't that bad. Markov was simply not solid enough to take those hits. If we were only talking about Price's skate, would be a different story. But one has to wonder if our #1 defenceman can actually take a hit without risking missing 20 games. And you can be sure that from now on, he will be a target.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
6-7 years is a very long time. The Habs could crap out next year, get a top pick, and have a forward that could be useful right away and productive as early in 2012-2013. Or they could get an exceptional pick, a Subban at forward or a Patrice Bergeron, and get the same thing with the same timing. Top-six forwards are not THAT hard to find.

If, on the other hand, they do not have a Markov-type player, then they won't be competitive, period. They are immensely rarer than top-six forwards, and considerably more impactful.
When planning the future, you don't postulate such negatives as "what about if we crap out". Management are planning to win. If Markov stays, it will be because PG and cie will have determined that they have a better chance of winning with him. Now, if the top 6 forwards were so easy to find through picks, we wouldn't have four of them off UFA and trades.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I think the world of Boucher, but he and Subban did not haul the 'Dogs to the top of the AHL by themselves. I think that familiarity may be breeding contempt here, and that the media reports blasting the state of the Habs' fans may be coloring perceptions (there is no love lost for Timmins among the press). I feel the Habs' prospect pool is pretty decent.
I think there is a misconception. Boucher did very well in Hamilton, building a team. The Bulldogs form an excellent team. But when it comes to individual talent that could help the Canadiens, it's pretty thin. But look into other teams prospects: some of them are rich with defencemen and forwards who could actually help the NHL team immediately or who already did. And I'm talking top 4 D and top 6 forwards.

What have we got? Carle, Weber, Belle; Trotter, White, Desharnais. Not one top 4 D; not one top 6 forward.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Replacing Markov by "a good defenseman" is like replacing Plekanec by Umberger. You might think the drop-off won't be too severe, but those guys handle the toughest minutes on the team. The replacements simply wouldn't be able to cut it. You'd hurt the team much more than the drop-off of talent might otherwise suggest.

Yet trading Markov is tantamount to throwing the towel on the next two to three seasons -- it would be worse than the alternative. So what do you do?
I don't think our defense without Markov is so bad. Add that solid defenceman... actually, replace Bergeron with a young defenceman who will become a top 4 in a couple years. Or pretend that young defenceman is Yemelin: suddenly trading Markov for him and a top 6 represents quite an improvement.

Look, you give me the choice, I'd rather keep Markov. But certainly not under any circumstances. As far as I'm concerned, Subban is an untouchable. Markov isn't.

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