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06-09-2010, 09:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Tender Rip View Post
Lots of reasons. Crosby is our most dangerous and shifty player in tight and on the boards. He scores a bundle of goals from within 10 feet on the PP. Putting him on a point takes away many of the things he is really great at there with no one who can do the same around on the team.
On the other hand he doesn't have the biggest gun despite his improved shot, and while a great passer, he just isn't that patient which means that he tries to force quite a lot passes. Its a position I don't think he has ever played, and I don't quite see how it is meaningful to try and change him from being awesome at something to being 'adequate to potentially great' at something else? We have Gogo to be that player if that's what we're going for, or Malkin to be 'great but flawed'.
Putting Sid on the point gives him the puck more. As crazy as this sounds, I don't believe Sid has the puck nearly enough over the course of a season. And obviously, the Habs denied him the puck very well. I want my best player to have the puck as much as humanly possible.

SO, either Sid is the new QB or Geno. Either way. Feed the beasts.

As JTG pointed out, whether they are literally on the point or the half-wall, just make one of them the guy on the power play. Call it the point forward, whatever. Just have them more involved.

Heck, use them both interchangeably, where every power play they alternate roles. These two guys are so special, I just don't think we're maxing out what they're capable of.

And when it comes right down to it, my whole Kovalchuk obsession is more about what I just said above than about any kind of man-crush for ol' 17. I like Kovy, but what I like even more is maximizing what we already have in Sid and Geno. THAT is Priority 1 for me right now.

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