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06-09-2010, 09:26 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
...except that there's no way that's the case. You're making the assumption that trading Markov has any chance of helping the Habs win the Cup in the short term. Short of a fantasy scenario a la Markov-for-Crosby, it just doesn't. Teams that win Cups overwhelmingly have #1 D-men like Markov, and teams that don't have them often need to go to great lengths to acquire one.
You mean like Brian Campbell? or Glenn Wesley? Eric Desjardins maybe? or P.K. Subban? Teams that win Cups have much more than one top defenceman.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Err, teams that have guys who are ready to be top 4 D-men or top-6 forwards at the NHL level don't generally keep them in the minors. The fact that a call-up will sometimes get plugged in such a slot doesn't mean they can handle it on a regular basis. I think your expectations for a prospect pool are way too high; you just don't keep NHL-ready players of that caliber in the minors.
Well now, that's ridiculous. Plenty of young prospects of that caliber have spent some time in the minors: Subban, Wright, Alzner, Carlson, Sutter, Neal, Turris... all need(ed) a little bit more experience before making it to the Big Leagues. Not every talented youngster can play immediately in the NHL.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
No, it really doesn't. Without Markov the defense is going to be below average, even if you replace Bergeron with Weber or another such young D-man. It certainly won't be any kind of Cup-contending unit. I think you underestimate the importance and impact of a #1 D-man. The Habs scraping by without Markov (and make no mistake, they were scraping by) doesn't suddenly mean he's not critical to the team's success.
Replace Markov with Niskanen, Carlson or Alzner and your defense is above average for years to come.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Now I've seen it all: Habs fans who are seriously suggesting to trade Markov.
Oh! But I've seen worse. Some poster for instance, going into a diatribe, using conjectures and contradictions to try to invalidate a system that generated success, and using mere statistics as opposed to in-game analysis to determine success being based on pure luck. You have got to see that one!

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