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06-09-2010, 10:07 AM
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Squats are king - make sure you go low too, with your thighs parallel to the ground.

One variation I've been doing is 'Cyclist squats' - basically you go down, come up half way, back down then up all the way - repeat. I think these really help with tendon strength.

The Bike can work great too - I'll manually do intervals, start at like 12 or 13, crank up resistance to 16 for a bit, then go way up to about 20 and try to ride hard for 2 minutes. Keep the rpm's up as best you can. Ideally, do at least 25-30 minutes with good intensity. I found immediate dividends doing this.

I saw a writeup on a Chelios workout recently - he uses suprisingly light weights, but it's like circuit training with no rests. He has like 8 exercises for instance, and just goes from one to the next for an hour. Sounds similar to the Olaussen workout described above.

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