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06-09-2010, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
Without Sarge, it makes everyone think a bit more because it's not just an automatic back to the point, but it should help with our powerplay in the fact that the PK never know who it's going to.
We lack movement and alternatives on the PP something fierce but that is a coaching (and lack of skill) issue. We've played 75 games over the past two regular seasons without Gonchar... it's not like him being there changes how we do things or make other teams think more, we are just better at doing the same things with him/easier to stop without him.

My point wasn't even about Gonchar, the point is the same if it is Goligoski there or anyone else. And it is the same when you look at other elite teams. All the other elite teams have defenders on the points who do many of the same things Gonchar does. Not many have anyone as good as him (on the PP I mean), but instead they most often have someone better than Letang or Goligoski on the other point. Pronger/Timmonen/Carle/Richards manning the points on Philly for instance. Keith/Campbell/Seabrook for Chicago.

I even get arguments that Gonchar is ageing and so much of a potential risk defensively, that we shouldn't sign him (I don't agree, but I get the arguments), but seeing what our PP is with and without him, it is just too counter to logic to argue that we'll be better and less predictable without him.
Just like JagSid's argument that we take Crosby away from where he is most effective and ask him to do something he has never done before in order to put him in a position where he is the guy to simply move the puck around or use his less than fantastic slap-shot is simply bizarre to me.
If we want to have more movement, we need our most skilled player to be roaming around in traffic areas where he can beat players and actually has a license to make plays. Like he does now, and a player like Briere does for Philly for instance. You don't want him taking those kind of chances while on the point! Its one of the reasons Geno hasn't been very good there when he has been tried, and another reason is that it takes experience to play the position well. Goligoski is a better point than either of Sid or Geno, and I don't think the world of Gogo on the point, despite his obvious flair for it.

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