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06-09-2010, 10:31 AM
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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
None of those guys are actually true #1 D-men, except maybe Campbell. Subban may yet get there, and I do think he will... but he might not.
Right. We're pretty much done with this discussion, MathMan. You seem tired. Those non-true #1 D-men were the #1 defenceman on their respective Stanley Cup winning team (assuming Campbell wins it this year while P.K. was a postulate).

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
But once they're able to get to the Show, they don't stick in the minors, either -- which was my point. You're acting as if the Habs have practically no talent in the pipeline. They do, they just need a bit more experience before making it to the Big Leagues.
No. I'm saying our pools of top 4 D defencemen and top 6 forwards is weak compared to many teams.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Maybe. Four years from now.

In the meantime, your D is below average, and that means a non-competitive team. So really, you're doing a rebuild by doing that.

Honestly, I'm getting vibes of the HFBoards credo of "youth over proven NHL skill" from you. Do you realize that you can't have a prospect just walk in and do Markov's job, the toughest on the team, on a regular basis?
Oh! Most definitely not youth over established players. Which is why I'd prefer we trade our future prospects for top 6 forwards. But the Carlson, Alzner, Niskanen, Subban have already shown what they can do at the NHL level. And don't underestimate Subban's performance during the playoffs. Certainly not beginner's luck. Four years is unrealistic.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I fail to see how that is worse. What's worse is people that keep screaming "but that's not what happened" when presented with clear factual evidence that their perceptions are incorrect, or imagine a fluke Cinderella playoff run as repeatable "success" (those people are going to be sorely disappointed, methinks).
As much as I enjoyed our playoff run, in which luck was not much of a factor against the Penguins, it's obvious to me that this team needs more help. Again, one or two top 6 and a solid defenceman. But to get there, sacrifices may have to be considered. Again, for the best of the team.

I am not asking the management to trade our best defenceman. I'm asking them to consider it if we don't have enough assets to take this team to the next level and avoid having people talking about a "fluke Cinderella run".

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