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06-09-2010, 11:12 AM
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Here's the big difference between Burns and Koivu though, and I frankly can't believe so many of you are saying if you sell Burns you have to sell Koivu too.

- Koivu has led the team in points the last two years. Burns had a very good year two years ago, but hasn't been able to stay healthy enough to be that guy again.

- Koivu has been one of the best players on most nights. Burns has been very hit or miss the last couple years.

- Koivu has gotten better every year. Burns' best year was two years ago.

- Koivu makes his linemates way better than they should be. Burns requires a defensive pairing guy to make up for his mistakes.

I'm not trying to bash Burns here, but if someone wants to give us a couple good assets for him, I say we take it. His best strength is rushing the puck up the ice, but how many teams are truly built to take advantage of that? It seems this team has benefited much more from a Johnsson type puck mover than a Burns type puck rusher. Maybe it will be different next year, but we'd have to have a big roster makeover in order to utilize his speed.

The only real way I can see Burns becoming that bona fide #1 guy is if he can turn into a Duncan Keith type defenseman, where he picks his spots, makes a great pass, uses his fantastic skating to constantly prowl in his end, etc. But at 24 years old and 7 years in the league, is he capable of changing his game at this point? Or would it make more sense to bring in a top asset or two up front and see how Scandella, Cuma, Prosser, and/or Stoner can do for this lineup?

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