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03-17-2005, 11:15 AM
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Another blurp on Ned Lukacevic

This is from the same HF poster as last time, I pm'd him and told him how much we'd appreciate any updates and he sent me a new one

Originally Posted by CurtisJD13
We watched Ned play last night, in the 2nd shutout our team has faced in as many games. They seem to be struggling right now, the head coach is on his way out after the season, so the team is really on a downer right now because the guy is really an issue. His stat totals are 18 G, 28 A, 46 points in 68 of the teams 69 games. 52 PIMS also. I think personally he's been much better than that, but coach Al Conroy puts him on the 2nd power play unit, and in a very unpopular mood, made him a healthy scratch once to "motivate him," but all that did was end Ned's consecutive games streak, which was the best in the WHL. If you're a Kings fan, I would watch for this guy, he's one of the 3 best skaters in the league that I've seen thus far, and he can finish when he gets his chances. Next year I think he's good enough to compete for the scoring title in this league. I'll keep you posted if you'd like on how he does in the last 2 games, I'll be at both.
3 cheers for CurtisJD13!