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06-09-2010, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Bojanglez View Post
What does Brodeur have to do with anything? Are we talking about Brodeur, or Hasek/Lundqvist?

Lets stick to the topic, less we get into childish name calling and "my goalie is better than your goalie" posts
Then why not expand on your views with more than just "oh come on!"? Point is, HASEK got interviewed about goalies, and HASEK HIMSELF said that he thinks Hank is the top European goalie in the league right now.

Would you like to state how Henrik is not mentally tough? Because if you're going to join the thread, contribute.

Stick to the topic, lest we have you voicing displeasure without exactly explaining why.\

EDIT: My original post wasn't an attack on Brodeur (directly), it was a display of Hank's mental toughness by showing exactly what he has to deal with by having this Rangers squad in front of him.

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