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Originally Posted by TrueBlueJoe89 View Post
Let me introduce myself by saying I have been a season ticket holder in section 420 and 427 since 2006. I became at season ticket holder when I was 17 and had 4 season tickets up to last season. The seats are mine and I did not share them with anybody. The seats in 427 I would sell every game and they would help finance the price of the 2 seats I use in section 420. Since the ticket market has dried up over the past 2 season I decided to give up my seats in 427 as the profit on them was marginal given the amount of work I put into selling them every game. The 2 tickets in section 420, I would mostly end up selling the 1 seat and going by myself last season( lots of friends left for college). I do not mind going by myself as I have many friends who sit in my section so it is not as if I am alone.

With that said, I am looking for someone who would be interested in purchasing a single seat in sec 420 anywhere between 5+ games during the season. I only am asking for $37 for the seat, which is what I pay. I am not looking to make money on the ticket anymore, just do not want to be stuck with a seat and have it go to waste. If anyone is interested in a single seat at face value reply to this thread with your email and I will contact you.

I may even have 2 tickets available to some game for those who are interested at face value. I am 21 now and trying to become a police officer. There may be games that I unable to attend due to my job search as well as graduating from John Jay College this fall.

I am in 420 also, and you are right. The ticket market is DEAD. Three causes, 1) team play 2) economy 3) increased supply. A LOT of people are buying the tickets and selling off to get some of the money back or to make money. When the ticket exchange 0first started, I was selling weekend afternoon games for 50, 60, even 75 each (a flyers game). Now, on $37 tickets, you are lucky to get $45 each for the Isles or another division opponent.

It is kind of funny, because when sites like Stub Hub first started operating, people were complaining that it was only helping the ticket scalpers. Reality is, it KILLED the scalpers. Ticket brokers for the most part are gone, and now everyone is able to put their tickets up for sale legally.

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