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09-30-2003, 03:33 PM
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I'm not saying that Heatly should be dragged into the street and shot.

Yes he did what a lot of young drivers did, i am not saying he is EVIL.

However, now he must pay the consequence and I dont feel sorry for him, his pain or his circumstance. That doesn't mean I'm happy, but I'm not gonna lie and say i feel bad for him. He made his choice and this is the consequence.

Honestly I never did something like that in car, and never will. Maybe we need to get people to start having respect for life instead of saying "oh well we all did it".

I'll tell you what i tell the people who work under me

"I'm sorry gentleman but that just isn't good enough".

Maybe one of the biggest problems is Drivers ed isnt taken seriously anymore if it even exists in most schools, that includes canada and the us.

And as someone pointed out this isnt the first time this speeding mistake has happened with Danny.

Sadly though too many people think they are bigger then life. He knows better, for god's sake he went to college, it's not like he worked in 7-11.

For those reasons, i wont lose any sleep over what he did. The only thing i do hope is that it serves as a lesson, because people just dont get it. They never do. Any doubt about mankinds intelligence need only look at it's track record.

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