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09-30-2003, 03:38 PM
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It's not to say no one cares about life or death. Tell you what. Do what i did.

Go work in freakin hospital for a year. I'M BEGGIN YOU, PLEASE.

Go work with kids who are hurt by acts just like this. You tell them how you feel. AGAIN I BEG YOU TO.

You see enough kids and innocent people hurt by people's "curiosity" and suddenly you realize who the true victims are.

I'm sorry if Heatly is your favorite player, but this is NOT the first time and now Snyder's life hangs in the balance.

You have the nerve to take a stand with me? Why don't you take a stand with the fact that he just endagered someone's life, hurt someone and if not for a little bit luck, could've killed someone else.

BTN, Holly, you're disappointed? Go work in an intensive care unit and explain your feelings to the mother of a child who lost her only son to someone who did the EXACT same think that was done here.

If it wasn't Heatly you'd be angry too. It doesnt matter what team, or even that he played hockey. My sympathy does not go to the heatly. I pray for a recovery for Snyder but Heatly should be thankful that he is even alive today.

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