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03-17-2005, 04:11 PM
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Philosophies can change pretty significantly depending on the age or skill level you're coaching. If you're coaching very young kids or guys who are beginners, teaching a system benefits no one. You're far better off pounding individual fundamentals into their skulls.

To do that I would stress simple things that EVERYONE can do. Hard skating (no gliding...ever), no curling away on forechecks, always headman the puck, use simple passes in open ice (nothing through feet or over sticks) and if unsure get it up high and hard.

What you do in the neutral zone depends on whether you stress offense or defense but in the offensive and defensive zone everything should be centered around the front of the net IMO. On offense you want to outnumber your opponenet in front of THEIR net, and not be outnumbered in front of YOUR net.

Funny thing is when guys get to beer leagues it's the fundamentals that are the first things to go. Whatever philosphy you use it seems to me it is best applied as simply as possible. Then use repetition until it becomes instinctive. Hockey is best played as a game of reactions rather than thinking on the ice.

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