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09-30-2003, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by degroat
First of all, the only reason why those 4 teams are "traditional" is because they have been around a long time. That doesn't mean traditional. That means old. If any one of those 4 jerseys were introduced today, they would be criticized just as every other jersey introduced today and not a single person would call any one of those traditional.

From a design sense, that jersey is very traditional. The word traditional applies to more than just hockey jerseys and if you actually understood the word, you'd know this.
Excellent point, IMO.

I love the "original six" sweaters, simply because of the history they represent---their longevity screams "NHL"!!

But I would imagine all would be considered bland if unveiled now, with the exception of the Blackhawk's, and possibly the Canadien's.

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